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This is a number of T Shirt shops that feature much more then T Shirts. Original Designs Hand-Mouse-Drawn. We have several shops that would certainly give a larger choice of products. We also have everything from Skateboards to Greeting Cards.
We like to offer a few freebies in the way of clipart and tubes for Paint Shop Pro created in Paint Shop Pro 7. Yes...that old program still serves me well and feels like my right hand. I have others that cost a bundle but nothing like my old stand by for pushing pix (pixels) around.
Kewl Kollections is for fun. It's a number of very funny and some very serious emails that I've been saving and putting into pages for enjoyment and always adding more. Same with the tubes and png formatted tranperant clipart. They are large enough to resize without distortion unless you get 'em really big...but the resolution is good. Anyway... have fun with the clipart, tubes and kewl kollections. :)

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There are yet more products. The different stores provide different types of shirts and images for cards and posters and prints.

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Military T Shirts, near to my heart having been and always will be a "StrykerMom". Having a son that was in The Stryker Brigade and saw action "Over There". He now is in the Nevada National Guard. I have camo-blood. I owe a lot to the Stryker Brigade News forums that acted as one of the best support systems in the military for family members of soldiers. I enjoy making any custom military T Shirt design I can. If you want your soldiers face, brigade, unit on a T Shirt, let me know and we'll see what we can work out. Imagination is the limit and that goes forever.

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Designs. To be used on any product within Spreadshirt.


Imagekind. Prints. Custom frames.


High quality iPhone & iPod Cases- also available as T-Shirts and Stickers.
Contact for custom. We can work something fun out.

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